Discover a world of precision and innovation with Cubithera's exceptional range of products tailored to the radioactive pharmaceutical and specialized equipment industries.

Hot Cells

Our Hot Cells are the epitome of precision and safety in radioactive drug production. These specialized containment units provide an ultra-secure environment for handling hazardous materials, ensuring the utmost protection for both operators and the surrounding environment. Customized to your exact needs, our Hot Cells are a cornerstone of excellence in this field.

Shielded Doors

Step into a new realm of safety with our Shielded Doors. These robust, meticulously crafted entrances provide a secure barrier against radiation, ensuring controlled access to critical areas. Engineered for both security and convenience, our Shielded Doors are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Hotlab Equipment

Elevate your entire radiopharmaceutical workflow with our Hotlab Equipment. From radiation protection equipment to isolators, transition cabinets, and radioactive drug transport containers, our comprehensive range of solutions ensures efficiency, precision, and compliance at every stage. Trust in our expertise to equip your facility with the tools of tomorrow, tailored to your unique requirements.